Forum Website is a kind of website that arrange discussion in group/board and very easy to use and be addicted to. Users can easily signup, keep every user privacy secure as other users cannot easily identify another user unlike other social media platform like facebook, twitter where people can easily identify other users.

There are several templates or websites that webmasters or website owners can use to create a forum website e.g phpbb, mybb, custom forum script, simple machine forum (smf), myBulletin and lots more. These templates enable you to quickly setup a full-featured forum website within few hours, as everything that you will need is already designed to it.

But, some prefer the custom, lightweight forum website template like type and that is the one I am talking about.

Advantages of owning a Forum website like Nairaland

  • Ease of Use and lightweight
  • Lots of users/web visitors love nairaland website because of it quick loading and consume less data and rich in lots of diverse contents from news, politics, sports, romance, lifestyle, travels, how to, connect and lots more.
  • Easy to use to generate revenue via robust ads system from google adsense or other custom ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly – Search engines like Google will easily understand the content of your forum website.
  • Keeps every user privacy and identity anonymous which enable people to share stories freely as their identity is not known to other users.

Where to Download/Buy/Get Forum website like Nairaland

I have the Nairaland forum script available for your download and quick setup, but if you don’t know much about setting it up as a website by yourself, I can also help you to set it up from A-Z. It is NOT FREE. Contact me to get/download the Nairaland Forum website via: Whatsapp: +2348026083918 or email: or Call: +2348136843397

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Demo of Nairaland forum Script:

See screenshot of Nairaland Forum script below and you can also visit to have a firsthand feel of it:


If you have any questions, you can ask below in the comment section or contact me: Whatsapp: +2348026083918 or email: or Call: +2348136843397

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